Nose Cone Gives More Benefits
for Less Cost!

Compared to full tractor systems, the Nose Cone saves nearly as much in a headwind and even more in a crosswind at a greatly reduced cost.

Save Fuel • Better Crosswind Stability Increase Road Safety

A highly regarded benefit for drivers, aerodynamic trailers are better at reducing the severity of the affects upon the vehicle of sudden wind gusts and strong crosswinds . Wind tunnel studies show, when used alone with flat top tractor, the Nose Cone trailer system increases mileage 10% in a zero degree wind and 12% in a ten-degree crosswind. The same study found the tractor system increases miles per gallon 13% in a headwind, but actually increases drag 5% in a ten-degree crosswind.

Due to losses in efficiency from tractor-trailer separation and occurrences of crosswinds, Nose Cone systems effectively bridge the gap between tractor system and the trailer front wall, making up as much as ½ mile per gallon over the tractor system alone.

Trailers are also wider than tractors and aerodynamic efficiency can be further improved adding the Side-Burns option to the Nose Cone. Proven to save an additional 5%, Side Burns reduce resistance along the upright corners of the trailer and provide uninterrupted flow along the exposed portion of the trailer front side posts.

For less than a third the cost, the complete trailer aerodynamic system with both, the Nose Cone and Side Burns, saves nearly the same, or more, as do complete tractor systems. Improved trailer stability, and equal or better savings at a lower cost, make the Nose Cone a wise alternative. Use the ROI Calculator to determine your aerodynamic package’s net value and let the numbers speak for themselves.

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