2-3 Miles Per Gallon Better with Nose Cone

Nose Cone equipped trailers cost a little more at the onset, but cost a lot less to tow. Better road performers and affected less by changes in wind conditions the Nose Cone allows for a safer, more comfortable drive with better fuel economy.

Flat front trailers increase what the engine perceives as load weight. If the trailer is loaded to the maximum towing capacity, the boxy trailer itself could put the load over capacity increasing strain on tow vehicle engine, frame and axles. As an example, a typical pick-up truck without a trailer requires 7 lbs. of turbo boost to cruise along a level interstate at 70 to 75 mph. Add an eight foot wide flat front trailer with only 2,200 lbs. gross weight and manifold pressure will increase to 14 or 15 lbs. to maintain the same speed. That's twice the amount of horsepower to tow only 2,200 lbs. It's not the weight, it's poor aerodynamics, and this increase in power costs as much as 20% more fuel. The same application with a Nose Cone equipped trailer requires only 10 lbs. of turbo boost, 33% less than the flat front trailer.

Don't be fooled by trailer shapes that have the appearance of being aerodynamic. Aerodynamic shaping is not intuitive, it requires rigorous wind tunnel testing to be validated. Refer to Table 1 of aerodynamic shapes in order to make an informed decision when purchasing pull trailers.

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